Three Ways We Team Up With Doctors

On National Doctors’ Day we take a moment to honor doctors and thank them for all they have done to help the families we serve.

There are so many medical services we can provide thanks to support from doctors, so here are just a few ways we work together with doctors to directly improve the health and wellbeing of children.

This mobile “doctor’s office on wheels” provides improves access to quality health care where children need it most – in their community. We work in collaboration with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Division of Community Pediatrics to administer the KMMC/RMCM, which provided 1,268 patient visits to under-served kids in 2017. Learn more.

Our Ronald McDonald Family Room® at Children’s National and Ronald McDonald Family Room® at Inova Children’s Hospital offer a place to rest and regroup at the hospital. We are grateful to both hospitals, doctors, and medical staff who helped make these spaces possible.

Research shows that staying close by allows parents to better communicate with their child’s medial team and improves adherence to complicated treatment plans. Learn more.

Board of Directors

Alex T. Kline, M.D. and David Nelson, M.D. both serve on our Board of Directors. Their expertise as doctors provides invaluable insight and leadership at RMHCDC.

Use #NationalDoctorsDay and find us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to tell us about a doctor who made a difference in your life or who impacted your time at RMHCDC.