Corporate Partners play a vital part in keeping families together at some of the most difficult times in their lives.

There are several ways for your organization to get involved, including the Caring Partners program.

Below are some other ways you might be interested in supporting us:

  • Financial Support: When you sponsor an event or make a donation, you contribute to extending our reach by strengthening core programs to meet the needs of the community.
  • In-kind Donation: Partners can donate products and services to our programs, ensuring that families and children that need them most benefit from your expertise. A few examples of what partners have donated: IT support, toiletries, handy work, gutters, toys, and more. Please contact Sarah Quillen at for more information.
  • Volunteer: We provide volunteer opportunities in the communities where your employees live and work. Employee volunteers not only give your company greater exposure in the local community, your staff can also actively support a meaningful cause.

For a long term partnership that combines all of these and comes with exclusive benefits, please consider our Caring Partners program.

Become a Caring Partner

When you become a Caring Partner, everyone benefits. Our families gain access to the best health care, comfort and stability at a very uncertain time, and your company gains positive community exposure, as well as opportunities to engage your employees and customers.

Benefits for our Caring Partners

Recent research shows that support of not-for-profit organizations can influence how customers, employees and business partners view your company:

  • 92% of Americans have a more positive image of companies that support a cause
  • 87% of Americans are likely to switch brands (when price and quality are equal) to support a cause they feel strongly about
  • 88% of workers whose company has a cause-related program feel proud of their company’s values

Want to become a Caring Partner?

We have many levels at which you can support.  For a one year monetary and/or goods & services commitment, your organization has the unique ability to “Lovingly Provide a Room” for families for that year. In addition, RMHCDC provides community and website recognition, team building and individual development opportunities through volunteering, and participation and recognition at special events.

For details, please contact Sarah Quillen at for more information.

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