Elementary vs. Middle School Pop Tab Competition


Check out this TABtastic article and pictures by Karen Parkinson, Coordinator of Information for Fauqier County Public Schools:

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"COLEMAN AND MARSHALL VIE FOR MOST POP TABS COLLECTED... It’s a wash for Marshall’s losing principal and assistant principal. 

Although the competition was as good-natured as it could possibly be, there was a lot at stake. First, there was school pride, second there was a very public weigh-in, and third there was a labor-intensive consequence for the “losers” – should anyone really want to call them that.

The fact is, though, there were no real losers at the final weighing of pop tabs that took place outside of Coleman Elementary School on Friday afternoon, April 11. That’s because the high-spirited event that pitted Coleman Elementary against its next-door-neighbor Marshall Middle School, benefited the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington, DC, which helps families of seriously ill children.

It all started back at the beginning of December when the two schools took each other on in a friendly five-month challenge to see which school could collect the most pop tabs from aluminum cans. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington, DC collects the tabs for recycling as a way to raise funds in support of their benevolent work.


None other than the ever-popular Ronald McDonald himself was on hand to do the official weigh-in of tabs in front of the waiting students. The “winning” principal and assistant principal would have their cars washed by the “losing” team...

Ronald McDonald made the official announcement – 126 pounds of pop tabs for Coleman. In honor of Coleman’s victory, the red-haired, ever-smiling McDonald’s icon presented Ms. Seward with the official silver tab scepter, and he presented Mr. Graham with a bucket and sponge to get him started on the car-wash consolation prize.

Students chanted “Wash those cars, wash those cars” as the two Marshall men tackled the job with flourish. Well prepared to win, Ms. Seward and Ms. Wilcox quickly set up lawn chairs just a few feet away from their vehicles so they could relax, sip a cool drink and watch as their rivals cleaned their cars in the hot, early-afternoon sun."