From Your Heart to His

Tara and Abel

You Showed Abel What Love is All About

"If you don't have anything positive to tell me, get out of my room."

   That's what Tara told her doctor as she lay in her hospital bed, 22 weeks pregnant with Abel.

   "Doctors were telling me he wouldn't survive.  I wouldn't pay them any mind," Tara says.

Tara and Abel

You made it possible for Tara to see Abel while he was in the hospital.

Three years later, she plants a kiss on Abel's cheek.  He wraps his arms around her in a happy hug.  She credits Ronald McDonald House® - and you - for this joyful moment.

A Mother's Heartache

   It hasn't been easy for Abel and Tara.  Abel was born with a hole in his heart.  He suffered from bleeding on his brain, seizures, and chronic respiratory disease, among other complications.  He spent his first four months in the hospital, fighting for his life.  

   At first, Tara made the long trip to and from the hospital every day.  Some days, she couldn't get there.  It broke her heart to miss spending even one day with Abel.  Then, she got great news.  Thanks to friends like you, she could stay nearby at Ronald McDonald House. 

   "Before that, it was all about how often I could afford to see him.  The House made it possible for me to see my son every day," she says, her eyes shining.

   So, thanks to you, Tara stayed by Abel's side for every step of his recovery, giving him all the love and care he needed.  

Learning How to Love

   Abel pulled through.  Today, he makes frequent trips to the hospital for ongoing treatment.

Now, Tara can provide all the love Abel desperately needs.

Tara says that being able to stay at Ronald McDonald House has kept them close through it all - and that's been critical for Abel's social and emotional development.  

   Abel missed out on a lot of socialization in the hospital.  As a result, Tara says, "He didn't like to be touched.  He thought every touch was going to hurt him.  He wanted to be left alone.  I had to teach him how to be lovable."

   Now, while Abel's doctors provide expert medical care, Tara can provide all the love Abel desperately needs.

   Back at the House, Tara smiles as Abel giggles and snuggles into her.  "As you can see," she says, "He's a love bug now!"

   You've played an amazing role in Abel's story.  She what a difference you make when you keep families close?  Thank you.