Can you Raise Love #forRMHC?

Raise Love for RMHC

Juggle For Raise Love

You may feel like you’re juggling a million things all the time! We sure do! But this time you can juggle for fun while supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Washington, DC (RMHDC).

Or you can jump rope, swim, play violin or throw the ball around…we’re asking you, our RMHCDC family and the best supporters around, to join us by doing what you love and raise funds for RMHCDC. Raise Love #forRMHC.

We thought we would start with juggling because so many of our families here tonight are juggling so much. And, all that juggling is made easier thanks to the support of other families, staff and volunteers.

It’s easy!

1)  Decide what you love to do and start a fundraiser.

2)  Set a Goal and invite your friends to support you.

3)  Take as many selfies and videos as you desire of your escapades and share your story.

4)  Have fun!

Remember, juggling is just one option. Do WHATEVER it is you love for your fellow family staying with us at RMHCDC.

And, if we could ask just one more thing – please Spread the Word to your family and friends. Watch our #JuggleForRaiseLove video, then share it and invite your friends to do the same. Your voice is a powerful way we will share the love that we believe makes RMHCDC so special.