Moms Need Love, Too

Karla and mom

How you help families stay strong

If 5-year-old Karla had a job, she might be a social director on a cruise ship.  At dinnertime at Ronald McDonald House, she buzzes from table to table, checking on friends, cooing at babies, and spreading cheer.  It doesn't matter that she has a painful condition called Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency - one leg that's shorter than the other.  She focuses on making other people feel good.

   Her mom, Nora, brings a quieter kind of care.  You might find her comforting a worried parent, tears of empathy in her eyes.  She loves to help in the kitchen, feeding families and scrubbing the space clean when she's done.  She's keenly aware of when another mother needs a shoulder to cry on, and she's known for her hugs. 

Karla and mom

"This is what family is."

But the truth is, sometimes Nora needs a hug, too.  It's hard for her to be so far away from her husband and other children while Karla receives treatment.

   Thankfully, you shared the love in your heart with moms like Nora.  And thanks to you, she finds love and support at Ronald McDonald House.

   "This is what family is," Nora says, looking around the House.  "They love you unconditionally.  That's what allows us to fight these battles."

   Thank you for giving moms, kids, and families strength!