More Than Words Can Say

More than words can say

Dear Friend,

Recently, a weary mother approached us.  The look on her face said it all.  But still, she spoke: "Ronald McDonald House means more to my family than I can express in words." 

We  understand.

The families you help show their gratitude every day.  They show it in hugs.  In happy tears.  In sighs of relief after long, difficult days at the hospital.  

They can't thank you for the amazing gifts you give them.  That's why we're here to tell you, right now: Thank you.  Your support is so important.  

Through your gifts, you offer families a place to stay near their sick child - and so much more.  You take away their stress and day-to-day worries so they can focus on the only thing that matters: helping their child get well.

Many more families are turning to us for help and a place to stay.  Your gifts help a family through some of their darkest days.  Your gift means more than words can say.

Thank you from,

- All of us at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington, DC