Motherhood: Strength, Perseverance & Inspiration

Today is the day we celebrate the inspiring women that we admire most – our Mothers.

From the day you were born, she was a shield that protected you from all the scary and unfamiliar pieces of the world. She was there to provide comfort on the toughest days. But most of all, she was there to make sure your little heart stayed filled with love.

Meet Denise Gehrman – a mother who, day in and day out, provides great strength, protection, and comfort for her family – a true inspiration. Continue reading and watch the video below to hear her story.

In 2002, Denise and her husband Shawn, received the happy news that they were expecting. There was just one thing – it was a very high-risk pregnancy. But, as an expecting mother, Denise took all the necessary precautions to keep her baby safe.

Thirty-two weeks later, the two celebrated the arrival of their first daughter, Winter. After two weeks in the world, the Gehrman’s were told that their beautiful baby girl had a genetic condition, which would require multiple hospital stays. Two years later and their second daughter, Autumn, was diagnosed with the same genetic disorder as her older sister.

For over a decade, the family has leaned on the support from one another and Ronald McDonald Charities® of Greater Washington, DC (RMHCDC).

“Little did we know then just how much Ronald McDonald House would mean to us,” said Denise. “Our daughters are in and out of the hospital and RMHCDC is our ‘home-away-from-home.’”

When Winter and Autumn were welcomed into the world, Denise was given the gift of her two little girls. Little did they know how that they received the most special gift of all – their mother.

You can help families like theirs by donating today.

Your gift will give families with sick children a place to call home and a way to stay together when traveling far from home for treatment.

As Denise put it, “It’s not until you have a need and arms are stretched out to you that you realize without the [support of the community], RMHCDC may not have been able to provide all they do and serve as many families as they do each day.” Please help us provide everything families with sick children need with your donation.

“To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world.” Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible women that continue to inspire us every day.