A mother’s message on D.C.’s health clinic on wheels

When I found out how much my son C.J.’s asthma treatment was going to cost, I felt totally overwhelmed.

I needed to do something right away; these things don’t wait. That’s when I saw the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile [RMCM]. It was right ahead of me on the road. It must have been fate. I drove up to it; the best decision I could have made.

C.J. was seen right away, got the treatments he needed for free, and was made to feel comfortable and welcome.

Months after treating C.J. for his asthma, the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile was there for us again after C.J. was hit by a truck when he was crossing the street. It was the scariest time of my life. C.J. couldn’t walk, it was very difficult to get him to open up to others, and we spent the next few months in hospitals and therapy.

The staff on the RMCM helped my son and put us in touch with trauma counselors, occupational and speech therapists, and rehabilitation facilities. Most importantly, though, everyone treated C.J. as a friend, not just a patient; they treated him like a kid, not a condition.

When C.J. needed help, I didn't know where to turn. Luckily, the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile was right in front of us...``

He was able to open up and learned not to be ashamed that he may not talk or walk like he used to before the accident. It’s been three years since the accident and C.J. is doing much better. We still visit RMCM in Washington D.C. for check-ups. When we do, C.J. rushes on board the truck to see his doctors, the driver and friends. It’s the little things they do that make a difference. They help in any way they can, taking the time to speak with you and they always take the time to call back on the same day. No question or concern is too small or trivial.

I am so grateful the doctors and staff onboard the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile were there for C.J. and me. Not only did they treat his condition, they treated him to a big dose of confidence and let him know that he mattered and that they cared.

They gave me options for my son when I had nowhere to turn, and in the end they seemed to be the only doctors that could get my son to smile. And that is a smile I cherish every day!