See Why Eshall is Smiling

Eshall is only 3 years old, but you’d never know it by the way she speaks.

If you met her, she’d likely take you by the hand and begin chattering away: “I have pockets. Can you read a book? When are we going to make cookies?”

Inquisitive and animated, Eshall isn’t slowed down by anything. Not even the large birthmark that requires extensive plastic surgery on her face and scalp. But sadly, Eshall is sometimes bullied because of it.

You showed Eshall love when she needed it most.

“We faced criticism outside the house. Kids call her names,” her mom, Nosheen explains. Nosheen wanted her little girl to have the happiest, healthiest life she possibly could, so she looked for a hospital that could perform the surgery. She found one — but it required leaving home for an extended period to stay near a hospital far away.

“You had to have enough courage to come here where you don’t know anyone and leave everything behind,” Nosheen says.

Thanks to your gifts, they found a home at Ronald McDonald House. And — even better — Eshall found a place where she could be free from judgment and worry. When you give to Ronald McDonald House Charities, you give children a loving place where they can just be kids. All that matters is what’s in their brave little hearts.

“Here, people receive you with such an open heart,” Nosheen explains. “It gives you courage.”

That’s the power of your giving!