They Came To Save Her Eye

Every parent has hopes and dreams for their child.

Right now, Cheng Zhen has one dream: to save her daughter’s eye.

Five-year-old Dimeng has cancer in her left eye. The doctors near their home in China said they would have to remove the eye.

“We were all very sad,” Cheng Zhen says. “But then a doctor in America said, ‘I think we can save her eye.’”

Surrounded by so much love and encouragement, Dimeng blossomed.

Little did they know what would happen next — thanks to you! Dimeng’s family traveled across the world for the treatment she couldn’t get anywhere else. Because you give, they could stay at Ronald McDonald House, right by the hospital. Now, the family has hope.

Then, something amazing happened. Here at the House, surrounded by so much love and encouragement, Dimeng blossomed.

“Dimeng was very quiet. She didn’t speak in China,” Cheng Zhen says as Dimeng bounds around the room, bubbly and sociable. “She’s very happy here. She likes playing with her friends.”

You gave Dimeng so much more than a loving place to stay. You helped a scared little girl feel strong, happy, and brave!

Cheng Zhen will never forget how you were there for them during such a scary time. “This would be very hard if not for Ronald McDonald House,” she says. “We’re thankful.”