Three Brothers, One Priceless Gift


You helped a family rally around their newborn

  When Easton was born at 27 weeks, no one knew if he would survive.  He weighed just 1 pound, 7 ounces, and couldn't breathe on his own.

  His mom, Kayla, doesn't mince words when she describes what his first few months were like for her family.  

  "We were at the most vulnerable place you can imagine," she says.  "We were fearing for the life of our child, hanging on to the words of doctors and nurses, desperately praying, and grasping at any glimpse of hope.  I would never wish it on anyone."

  But you made dark days brighter... for Kayla, and her whole family.  Because you gave, they could stay right by the hospital at Ronald McDonald House, rallying around Easton while he fought for his life.  That meant they didn't have to make the long trip back and forth to their home.  But that's not all.

Jase and Ty didn't want to be away from their family for even a day.

Kayla says, "One of the best things about staying at Ronald McDonald House is that Easton's big brothers were able to stay with us, too." Jase, age 8, and Ty, 6, were scared for their baby brother's life and didn't want to be away from him - or their mom and dad - for even a day.  

So, for the next 84 days, the family of five could stay close.  They formed close bonds with the families around them, too.

"The other families knew exactly what we were going through," Kayla says.  Easton is a happy, healthy toddler now - and Kayla and the parents she met at Ronald McDonald House still keep in touch! 

Today, Kayla has a special message for you: "Because of your generosity, Ronald McDonald House has been and will continue to be an answered prayer to so many." 

Want to keep more families close during their difficult days?  Give a gift today. Thank you!