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We are excited to work with you on your fundraising event in support of the families we care for!

Host a Fundraising Event

Events can raise money, spread the word, collect Wish List items, and more.  From a celebration with donations in lieu of presents to an event more involved like a golf tournament – the possibilities are endless! Need help planning? Check out our Fundraising Toolkit.  A great place to start is with a fundraising page!  Create a donation page, share your story, and ask others to support. It is easy and effective!

At least three weeks prior to your event, please fill out our Community Event Application and return it to Stephanie at Stephanie@rmhcdc.org.

Have questions or need some help?  Contact Stephanie at (703) 698-7080 or Stephanie@rmhcdc.org.

Become a Fundraiser

Raise Love– RMHC of Greater Washington DC

Start Your Raise Love Fundraiser

For a sick child, sometimes the best medicine of all is having family nearby for more hugs, kisses and I love you’s. RMHCDC helps keep families stay near the care their sick children need to do just that.

We can’t do it alone. Through the support of other families, staff and volunteers, we can make a difference for RMHCDC families. And, now you can help, too, by creating your own fundraiser by juggling, swimming or creating something totally new. You can do whatever you LOVE to do and raise funds #forRMHC.

We thought we would start with juggling because so many of our families here tonight are juggling so much. And, all that juggling is made easier thanks to the support of other families, staff and volunteers.

It’s easy!

  1. Decide what you love to do and start a fundraiser.
  2. Set a Goal and invite your friends to support you.
  3. Take as many selfies and videos as you desire of your escapades and share your story.
  4. Have fun!

Remember, juggling is just one option. Do WHATEVER it is you love for your fellow family staying with us at RMHCDC.  Please do not wait to Raise Love, start your fundraiser today, reach out to your personal network, and use all your talents to help RMHCDC give families the gift of love and time together.

Get started, today!

Read our post on "Office Team Building for Charity" for more ideas!

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