You Gave a Gift That Will Last a Lifetime … Friendship!


Evelyn and Samantha are best buddies who have been mistaken for twins. They’re not related, but they share quite a connection, and you’re part of their happy story! 

Evelyn, 7, and Samantha, 5, have Osteogenesis imperfecta — more commonly known as brittle bone disease. The condition causes extremely fragile bones, and is responsible for their small sizes. Samantha weighs only 19 pounds! 

Their families began communicating with each other four years ago. They met in an online support group for families coping with brittle bone disease, and bonded over shared challenges and triumphs. Despite living too far away from each other to meet in person, the two families became close. 

Meanwhile, Evelyn has been coming to Ronald McDonald House since she was 8 months old. She receives regular treatment nearby to strengthen her bones, as well as occasional surgeries and procedures. Her family finds comfort and care at the House while they’re far from home. 

Recently, Samantha needed treatment, too. Her family packed their suitcases and made the trip to the hospital. They needed a place to stay, so they checked in to Ronald McDonald House … where they would finally meet Evelyn’s family face-to-face! 


Samantha, left, and Evelyn finally got to meet because of you!

After so many long-distance chats, the two families got to catch up in person. Samantha and Evelyn became fast friends, and were inseparable for their entire visit. They played together, went to dinner and appointments together, and laughed while watching funny movies together. 

Coping with illness is hard for any family. You offer families like these strength in numbers. Samantha and Evelyn will never forget what you gave them. Thank you!