You Made Sure They Had a “Home for the Holidays”


Seans_FamilyYou Made Sure They Had a “Home for the Holidays”

Six trips. Sixty-one nights away from home. Time and again, Sean’s family travels out of town so he can undergo orthopedic treatment.

You made sure Sean, center, had a happy holiday - because he had his family by his side!

Sean has Angelman syndrome, a severe neurological disorder that causes seizures, difficulties with speaking and walking, and developmental delays. Doctors said that he’d never walk, but he recently defied the odds when he took his first steps across his family’s living room.

Sean continues to exceed expectations. It helps that he has a whole team behind him — his mom, dad, brother and sisters, and you! 

Through your gifts, you make sure Sean’s family always has a loving place to stay when they have to travel for treatment. It means the world to them that they can make the trips together — especially when they found out they wouldn’t be home for Christmas!

They were disappointed when they learned that they had to go back to the hospital just two days before the holiday. But thanks to friends like you, the family of six got to enjoy the whole holiday experience — complete with decorations, presents, food, and cheer — at Ronald McDonald House. Best of all, they got to bask in the joy of family.

Thank you for giving kids like Sean, and their families, all the comfort and warmth of home. We hope their happy smiles put a smile on your face, too — you deserve it!

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