You Sponsored 200 Nights for Families In Need With Share A Night Ornaments

Bailey 2
This holiday season we asked you to help sponsor a one night stay for families of critically ill children by purchasing a Share A Night ornament. Thanks to your overwhelming care and support, 200 one night stays will be sponsored for our families!
One little ornament provides togetherness, comfort, and joy for some of the littlest and sickest children this holiday season. Children like Bailey. 

BaileyBailey was born 5 weeks prematurelybecause her mom's blood pressure was too high for too long.

When she was born Bailey had a hole in her heart, she couldn't drink even 1 oz of formula, and she was having issues breathing because her lungs had not fully developed.

After spending every hour in the NICU from 8am until 11pm for the first week of her life, her mom and dad realized they needed a place to stay. Bailey's mom, Nicole, said, "It just sounded too good to be true that we could stay less than a mile away from our girl," at Ronald McDonald House (RMH).

Nicole says, "Bailey needed to stay in the NICU for 3 weeks total, so RMH really saved us and let us eat something other than cafeteria food and McDonald's late night. The meals people made us were amazing and the house was so beautiful - we honestly felt like we didn't deserve such a wonderful place to come home to each night."Bailey 2

After 3 weeks, Bailey finally got to go home. She is now a healthy 4 month old, the hole in her heart has closed, she is holding her own bottle, talks and laughs all the time, loves everything animal-related and gets to start solid foods next month!

Nicole remembers a moment when she was so desperate, she reached out to Ronald himself... "I don't know if it was Ronald McDonald or not, but the day we found out we were going home, I took a picture with [the Ronald statue] in the courtyard as I was drinking my coffee and praying. I told him (in my delirium), that all I wanted was to get to snuggle with my girl on the couch in our home, and that day the doctor told us we would be going home the next day!"

"So many thanks to the Ronald McDonald House and everyone who works to make that house a home for when we can't be at our own homes!"

Bailey was so tiny when she was born, she was too small for the little outfits. Now she is 95% in height!