Your Take A Weight Off His Shoulders

Life isn’t fair sometimes. Nine year-old Logan knows this all too well.

He’s a smart, sociable kid who loves to play lacrosse. One day, his mom, Jodi, noticed that one of his hands was much bigger than the other. She took him to the doctor, and they found a tumor in his hand.

Doctors diagnosed him with plexiform neurofibroma, a rare condition that causes tumors in the nervous system. It’s difficult to treat and can be very painful. 

Jodi found out that Logan’s best chance of getting  better was at a hospital far away. That means frequent trips out of town — that they wouldn’t be able to make without your help.

If friends like you didn’t support Ronald McDonald House, “We’d never have a  warm safe place to stay and a home-cooked meal every night,” Jodi says. “For the amount of time we spend at the hospital, we’d be sleeping in my car in a parking garage!” 

But that’s not even what she’s most  grateful for.

“My favorite part of staying here is seeing Logan happy.” She explains, “When he’s here he can actually be a kid. He doesn’t have to worry. It takes weight off his shoulders. It makes the needles and everything he has to go through not so bad.” 

We hope Logan’s happy smile puts a grin on your face, too! Thank you for all that you do.