Case’s Family Makes Happy Memories, Thanks To You

You’re helping Case and his whole family cope with illness.

“From head to toe, Case has 30 diagnoses. He’s a busy guy,” his mom Liz says.

When Case was born, his doctors didn’t expect him to survive. But Case, now 8, is a warrior. He’s frequently hospitalized for different surgeries and treatments.

Liz says you give their family “shelter from the storm” by making it possible for them to stay at Ronald McDonald House when Case needs medical care.

“We’ve spent most birthdays and holidays at Ronald McDonald House,” Liz says.

One of her favorite memories is Case’s first Christmas. They’d been expecting to celebrate at home, but suddenly, Case had to be hospitalized hours away. Liz and her husband packed up their three daughters and checked in to Ronald McDonald House, right by the hospital.

“I just remember being so scared and so tired,” Liz says. “But it was really nice. The House was decorated so nicely, and volunteers served us meals. I don’t remember missing anything. All we really needed were our kids, and they were there.” 

She has a few special wishes for her son: “I hope that when he looks back at his childhood and everything he’s gone through, he feels joy and not  sadness. And even though he’s sick, I want him to know that he is being given the absolute best life possible.” 

Thank you for helping Case and his family make joyful memories together.