Give more families the support and care they need to focus on helping their child fight for their life.

Volunteers are the helping hands and friendly faces that are essential to running the House and providing support for families in need.

Volunteers help with a variety of tasks such as cleaning our common areas, cooking a meal, organizing storage areas, decorating, and so much more.  In fact, volunteers help to offset costs, allowing us to direct more donations back to programs supporting children and their families.

There’s a place for you at RMHCDC – from individual ongoing opportunities to one-time group projects, we need your help!

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We're looking for individuals to come in on a regular basis to support our two Ronald McDonald House programs.

  • Recurring Volunteers:
    • Must be 18+ years old
    • 6-month minimum commitment
    • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

Corporate Group Volunteers

Volunteering unites employees as they work together towards a common goal and compelling mission.

Community Group Volunteers

Are you a community group, family, nonprofit or non-corporate organization? We have volunteer opportunities for you!