Celebrating 16 Years of Good Health for Trentyn

Sixteen years ago, today, new mother and father, Brandi and Josh, started their journey through that fear to get the necessary medical care for their new born son, Trentyn.

In 2002, Trentyn was born with Gastrochisis.  He had to have 3 surgeries before he was finally able to go home.

For parents who don’t live close to the medical care their child needs, that distance adds the stress of traveling for treatment, being away from their children, and expenses piling up.  These are extra burdens no family should have to experience. 

We had the honor of being able to relieve some of that stress for Brandi and her family during the three long months they stayed at our Ronald McDonald House.

Brandi said, “Words cannot describe what [RMHCDC] did for me in the time of my life when I needed them.”

Brandi spent 8-10 hours a day at the NICU, coming back and forth from the hospital to the House as needed to sleep, eat, and shower.

“I valued having a place to stay and a warm meal offered when we needed it. I was so thankful for the groups that donated their time making dinners, bringing snacks, and making the RMH feel like ‘home away from home’.”

Today, Brandi and her family are celebrating sixteen years of good health.  Trentyn hasn’t had any complications since his final surgery in November 2002!

Brandi and her family try to give back as much as possible by donating to local Houses, participating in fundraising events. This year, Brandi is hosting a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser, which coincides with the celebration of Trentyn’s 16th year in good health!  

“The Fairfax house was like a home to me and I give back to it anytime I can.” 

Trentyn just started 11th grade and is living proof that together, we can do big things and help even more families stay close thru the biggest challenge of their lives.