Her One Chance to Live – On the Other Side of the World

See how you helped baby LJ while she fought to live

LJ needed a bone marrow transplant in order to live.

An international registry found a possible bone marrow donor … on the other side of the world.

“We didn’t know how we’d manage,” her mom, Lizbeth, says. “But we took a leap of faith.”

This is a story about how you — through your generous gifts to Ronald McDonald House® — helped a little girl while she fought to live.

You won’t believe what happened next.

A Baby’s Lifesaving Trip

LJ was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just a baby. She underwent every treatment available, until, finally, a bone marrow transplant was her last hope.

She and her mom traveled for 14 hours across the globe. The journey was hard and took a toll on LJ. Then, when they got the hospital, Lizbeth learned that she couldn’t afford to pay for the transplant.

By then, LJ was too sick to make the trip home.

A nurse urged Lizbeth not to give up. She suggested they try another hospital. LJ and Lizbeth boarded a train and set off.

That time, Lizbeth says, her prayers were answered. LJ was admitted to the hospital, and they were welcomed with open arms at Ronald McDonald House so they could fight for her life.

A Dream Come True

It’s been a very long journey, but today, LJ is a happy 7-year-old who loves to write and draw. Lizbeth credits the House — and generous donors like you — for turning their nightmare into a dream come true.

“Spiritually, emotionally, and physically, they take care of us here,” Lizbeth says. She was also able to keep LJ isolated following her transplant surgery — which was critical for her recovery.

“We stayed in our private room for one month straight after her transplant,” Lizbeth says. “It was clean and protected her from infection. We loved it there.”

Lizbeth doesn’t take your gifts for granted. She knows the vital role you played in her daughter’s survival story. From home-cooked meals to restful nights of sleep, you provided everything LJ and Lizbeth needed so they could battle leukemia far from home.

“Every day my prayer is that people will donate to this House, because it helps so many people,” Lizbeth says.

Thank you for helping families like LJ’s. Today, another family needs care and a place to stay. Please say you’ll be there for them, too, by giving a gift today.