Strength of Heart

YOU helped a devoted duo stay strong.

Kathy and Faith know a thing or two about strength.

We don’t mean physical strength —although Kathy has to be pretty strong to pick Faith up. The 5-year-old wears giant plaster casts on her legs, and they’re really heavy!

The mother and daughter show great strength of heart. They inspire each other through Faith’s battle with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita.

Faith can’t bend her legs or raise her arms. She’s had three operations and is undergoing treatment to lengthen her muscles. She has to spend a lot of time at the hospital.

“Here, we feel at ease. This takes the stress away. So I can help Faith.”

At first, Kathy wouldn’t leave her daughter’s bedside. She stayed at the hospital for three weeks. Finally, Kathy gave in. Exhausted, she went to Ronald McDonald House to sleep in a bed.

“I needed it,” she says. “I fell onto the bed.”

Now, while doctors give Faith the medical care, you give her mom all the support and care SHE needs! Kathy learned that taking care of herself helps her take care of Faith.

In between appointments, the two snuggle in a comfy chair in the House living room, casts and all, watching TV and laughing together.

“I feel like we’re home,” Kathy says.

What would Kathy do if she couldn’t come to the House? Kathy gasps at the thought. Then she laughs. “I’d be stressed.” She adds, “Here, we feel at ease. This takes the stress away. So I can help Faith.”

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