You are RJ’s Champion

“You keep our family together!”

Angaleque remembers watching as her newborn baby was wheeled away on an operating table.

Her son, RJ, was given a 30% chance of survival. All she could do was sit in the hospital waiting room and pray for strength. Now, after staying with Ronald McDonald House while RJ went through multiple surgeries, Angaleque considers herself blessed.

RJ has infant polycystic kidney disease. He needs a new kidney and liver and surgery to reconstruct his bladder. His mom and dad vowed to fight for his life, no matter what it took. Then they found out that the specialized care he needed wasn’t available in their community. Angaleque was worried.

“We’re a low-income family,” she explains. “We make it, but it’s hard staying in another city. You still have bills to pay at home.”

You — and Ronald McDonald House — came to their rescue. Angaleque found out they could stay at the House, right by the hospital, and have a private room, access to a kitchen and home-cooked meals, and all the support they’d need to focus on RJ and his health.

Angaleque has a special message for supporters like you: “Every penny, nickel, and dime you can give does so much good for the patients and families of the patients. Without this House, we’d have nowhere else to go. You keep our family together!”

Thank you for keeping moms like Angaleque strong for their children.