How Donating Your Vehicle Helps Families In Need

If you have a vehicle that you no longer use, sometimes it’s best to let it go. You may have considered selling or trading it in, but did you know you can also donate your unwanted vehicle and receive a tax incentive for doing so? We accept all kinds of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, and more.

When it comes to giving back to the community, donating your vehicle to a charitable organization can make a significant impact. Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC) provides invaluable support to families with children receiving medical care. By donating your vehicle to RMHC, you can help families with a critically ill or injured child when they need it most.

Here are three reasons why donating your vehicle to RMHC is a worthy and meaningful act of charity.

  1. Support Families in Need: One of the primary reasons to donate your vehicle to RMHC is to support families facing the challenges of having a sick or injured child. RMHC relies on donations to fund our programs and services, including providing accommodations, meals, and family-centered care to families while their child receives treatment. By contributing your vehicle to this cause, you ensure the sustainability and growth of these vital resources. Your donation makes it possible to provide families a safe and comforting environment throughout their child’s medical journey. Last year the revenue from donated cars provided families with 195 nights at RMHCDC!
  2. Simple Process: It’s easy and free to donate your vehicle to RMHC. Towing is available anywhere in the United States at no cost. After picking up your vehicle we handle the entire process, from selling your vehicle to providing you with a tax receipt. Call 855-227-7435 or donate online at
  3. Receive Tax Benefits: Apart from the personal fulfillment that comes from helping others, vehicle donations to RMHC are tax-deductible! Most vehicles are sold through local used-car markets. Our trusted vehicle donation program works to get the highest return per vehicle. We’ll handle all the paperwork, too! Whether your vehicle sells for less than $500 or more than $5000, you will be provided with the proper paperwork and tax receipts. It is essential to consult with a tax advisor or accountant to understand the specific tax benefits applicable to your situation.

Donating your vehicle to Ronald McDonald House Charities is a powerful way to support families in need and contribute to a remarkable cause. Your donation helps RMHC sustain and expand our services, enabling us to support even more families during their most difficult times. If you’d like to donate your vehicle visit to get started.