I Didn’t Want To Leave My Baby

Yoselin dreamed of the day when she’d get to bring her newborn son home from the hospital.

But Yandriel was born several weeks early and couldn’t leave the NICU.Yoselin was discharged and had to go home without him.

“I didn’t want to leave my baby. I was so worried about him, about nursing, about being a good mom!” Yoselin says.

So for the first week, she got a ride to and from the hospital — every single day — just for the chance to be by his side. 

She didn’t know it then, but friends like you were looking out for her and little Yandriel. A social worker told Yoselin that a room was waiting for her at Ronald McDonald House, right by the hospital. Thanks to donations from generous people like you, everything Yoselin needed was right there, so she could focus on taking care of her sick son.

Yoselin’s heart filled with gratitude. She loved her comfortable bed, the chance to have a healthy snack, and even the laundry room, where she washed Yandriel’s baby blankets.

Now, Yoselin has a special message for friends like you. “I am so grateful for everyone who gave so I could be close to my child,” she says. “My bed, my rest, and my presence at my child’s side were given to me through others’ generosity. I will never know them, but I will always thank them in my heart.”

Thank you for giving families the greatest gift of all: each other! If you can find it in your heart to help another family like Yandriel’s, please click Donate Now at the top of the page.