Jameson’s Fight to Survive

You were there for a fragile newborn

It was too early to be having contractions. Deanna was only 23 weeks pregnant. She rushed to the hospital.

The contractions wouldn’t stop.  Her son Jameson was going to be born. That’s when the doctors said something that made Deanna’s blood run cold:

“A baby at 23 weeks is  not viable in this hospital.”

Deanna had to leave. She was hurried via ambulance to another larger hospital almost two hours away.

That’s where Jameson came into the world via emergency C-section. Deanna didn’t even get to hold him before he was whisked away to the  neonatal intensive care unit. Doctors said Jameson had only a 60% chance of surviving.

When Deanna saw her baby hooked up to so many wires, her heart broke. “I started crying,” she says. “It was just an overwhelming feeling, like I needed to do something to help.”

Now she  knows that YOU were there to help — by giving her a place to stay just minutes from Jameson. You gave Deanna a private room, meals, and  other support at a Ronald McDonald House®, so she didn’t have to worry about anything but her sick baby.

That meant the world to her one  night when Jameson stopped breathing. His lung collapsed. Within minutes, Deanna was able to be by his side.

Today, Jameson is home  with his family, and growing stronger each day. He’s been lucky to have his best cheerleader by his side every step of the way.

“I can hold him  for three hours straight, and he’s happy as a clam,” Deanna says. Thank you for giving Jameson the best medicine of all — his mom’s  love!