National Social Work Month Spotlight: Christine Tran

``I love our social work profession because there are SO many possibilities and so many ways to help our community.``

- Christine Tran

Meet Christine Tran, a 10-year veteran of social work who loves seeing parents find the confidence and strength that was always there.

There are so many people that work together to help families through a medical crisis. Social workers are an essential piece of that puzzle and we’re excited to spotlight three of these champions for patients and their families during National Social Work month.

Christine’s favorite part of her job is, “Seeing parents succeed, overcome their hurdles [no matter how big or small!], and find the confidence and strength that was always there.”

Continue reading to learn more about Christine, her advice to prospective social workers, and why she thinks RMHCDC is so important for a family’s health journey.

Q: How long have you been a social worker and why did you choose this profession?

A: I’ve been a social worker for 10 years! We all have our own battles. I’ve always felt a strong urge to help those who struggled more than others. I never thought I would work in a hospital, though! As I was about to graduate from my master’s program, I told myself I would NEVER work in the healthcare field…and here we are 10 years later. I love it and I can’t see myself doing anything else. I love the chaotic environment of a hospital. It’s challenging, dynamic and you work with so many disciplines whose professional backgrounds are so different from social work!

Q: What would you tell someone interested in becoming a social worker?

A: Find the population that inspires you. I love our social work profession because there are SO many possibilities and so many ways to help our community. There’s a million different populations to work with, and within a million different settings. Oh, and ALWAYS take your lunch break.

Q: How do you prioritize self-care and what does it look like for you?

A: I spend a lot of time taking care of myself by doing things that bring me a lot of joy. I try to find time every day, even at work, to do these things like reading during my lunch break or chit chat with coworkers over funny work memes.

Q: How do you describe Ronald McDonald House to families who have never heard of it?

A: I am always so excited to share information about Ronald McDonald House to families. I describe it as a “house…like an actual, REAL, BIG HOUSE” made only for them so they can be close to their child. It’s a place that can make life a little easier. Parents are always so grateful and so relieved to have been able to stay there. It positively changes their hospital experience, and their stress levels-both which are great for their child!

``{Ronald McDonald House} positively changes {parents'} hospital experience, and their stress levels - both which are great for their child!``

- Christine Tran

That wraps up our spotlights for National Social Work month! Do you know someone who should receive a shout out? Email us at [email protected] to share a special social worker or healtchare professional in your life.

Thank you to Christine and to all the social workers and other frontline workers going above and beyond to continue providing support to people in our community throughout the pandemic. We celebrate your compassionate work this month and always!

To learn more about how you can help families with a hospitalized child, visit: Ways to Give.