Nothing Else Matters

When Pieter was 1 week old, he was diagnosed with cancer in both of his eyes. Doctors warned Pieter’s mom to expect a very long battle. They were right.


Seven years later, Pieter is still fighting.

Doctors removed one of his eyes when he was 2 weeks old. Pieter has undergone various treatments since then. Now he receives chemotherapy every three weeks.

The costs — emotionally and financially — have been enormous.

“We sold our house to do this for our son,” Irma says. “We just want him to be loved and cared for,” she explains. “Nothing else matters.”

Ronald McDonald House lets her do just that. Here, Irma and Pieter are surrounded with love. And Irma can stay by her little boy’s side when he needs her most.

“Our currency is no longer money,” Irma says. “It is health and time.”

YOU give Irma and Pieter precious time together. Thank you for your selflessness.