Rowan’s Story

Rowan’s illness is so rare that doctors at Children’s National Hospital do not have a diagnosis for him.

It all started when Rowan had six days of a high fever and tested positive for Flu B. His pediatrician suggested Rowan’s mom, Sarah, take him to the Emergency Room for an IV drip. After 11 hours under observation, when all of Rowan’s other blood tests came back normal, they were discharged.

Just a few hours later, Rowan started seizing at home.

The entire way to Children’s National Hospital, Rowan was seizing uncontrollably. Sarah said, “During our first three nights at Children’s Hospital, I saw my son’s life hang in the balance.”

For the next 11 days, Rowan was intubated and put into an induced coma to control his seizures and brain inflammation.

It is normal, while in a coma, for the body to have a physical response to stimuli. But Rowan was completely unresponsive…

Until the 11th day when his left eye started to blink ever so slowly. His family rejoiced when he finally opened his eye that day.

Rowan is receiving treatment to keep his seizures at bay, strengthen his immune systems, and reduce his brain inflammation. His doctors are slowly ruling out possible diagnoses to find out why Rowan is so sick.

His mom says, “Although we don’t have a diagnosis for Rowan, we take every small win we can get every day. Thirty-eight days ago, Rowan was unresponsive and last week, he held his head up for the first time. That is truly a miracle.”

As Rowan and his family take it day by day, they are incredibly thankful to be staying at our Ronald McDonald House.

“RMHCDC has had a life-saving impact on my and Rowan’s life.”

– Sarah, Rowan’s mom