The Most Important Thing

You’re giving Daniel a place to stay so he can get stronger and healthier.

When Daniel was 13 months old, he took a gentle step — and his leg broke, just like that.

Doctors repaired the break. Then, three months later, Daniel was crawling when his leg broke again.

His mom and dad, Angeline and Kendell, soon learned that Daniel has disorders of the nerve tissue and joints. They searched for treatment near their home, but it wasn’t available. Meanwhile, Daniel was suffering.

Finally, they found a doctor who could help — if they could travel to the hospital immediately.

They didn’t know how they could afford an extended stay in a hotel, but they booked a flight. Then, you came to their rescue. Thanks to your generosity, the family, including Daniel’s baby sister, Lexine, would have a “home-away-from-home” for as long as they needed it — right by the hospital at Ronald McDonald House.

The House lets the devoted family stay together while Daniel gets stronger and healthier.

Angeline says, “We don’t know when we’ll be able to go home, but we have the most important thing here.”

They have each other.

That’s because of you. Thank you.