Without You, She’d Have Nowhere Else to Go

Thank you for keeping Brittney and Zaire together

When Zaire went to the emergency room for what seemed to be the flu, his mom Brittney never expected his condition to plummet. When Zaire’s treatment caused a severe allergic reaction, he became paralyzed.

Suddenly unable to breathe on his own, Zaire was given a breathing  tube. Then came the news that he didn’t have the flu. An MRI revealed that an ear infection had progressed into meningitis, and Zaire was suffering from multiple strokes.

As the weeks went on, Zaire needed constant care. Brittney quit her job to be near the only rehab facility that could help her son. She stayed in Zaire’s hospital room for months before a social worker heard her story and referred her to a Ronald  McDonald House®.

That’s where Brittney says she was finally able to get some rest, so she could help Zaire fight to get better. She says that  the support from other families was so important: “I’ve talked to parents here going through similar situations that I’m going through, and it  helps.”

The grateful mom knows her stay is only possible because of friends like you. She’s thankful for your generosity and for all the kindness she and Zaire received. “People here are amazing,” Brittney says of the House.

YOU are amazing! Thank you for helping families  like theirs. Please don’t stop. Make a gift today.