You Brought Tears of Gratitude to Maria’s Eyes

You rescued Maria and Luis from staying in a cold basement!

First, Maria was told that her baby would be stillborn. But Luis survived.

Then, she was told that her newborn son would live only a few days. She made funeral arrangements. But Luis lived.

After that, Maria was told that nothing could be done to treat Luis’s condition. He was sick and had a disease in his joints. Doctors near their home told Maria to keep her son comfortable for whatever time he had left. But Maria decided to take fate into her own hands. She searched far and wide for doctors who would treat Luis.

Now, he’s getting healthier by the day. Maria credits the advanced care Luis receives at a hospital far from home — and friends like you. You’ve given them a place to stay so Luis can get the treatment he needs.

When Maria and Luis first made the trip to the hospital, they stayed with a friend of a friend in their cold basement. When staff at the hospital learned this, they referred Maria to Ronald McDonald House. Maria checked in and saw a bed … and carpet … and wept with relief.

Since then, the House has been their home whenever Maria and Luis need to travel for his treatment. Here, they have access to all the resources they need — and so much more.

“When we’re here, we can forget the medical issues we’re up against,” she adds. “We can just live, relax, and comfort each other.”

Doesn’t it feel good to know you have the power to change families’ lives this way? You’re making an amazing difference.