You Helped a Tiny Survivor

See what your gifts mean to Daniel’s family

Daniel’s story is so extraordinary, it’s been told in the national media.

But did you know that YOU play a part in it?

Daniel was sick when he was born. Eventually, doctors told his mother, Melody, that he needed a liver transplant. They warned her: No one knew how long it would take to get a liver for a newborn baby – if they could get one at all.

Unbelievably, 40 minutes later, they had a donor. At eight pounds, Daniel was the hospital’s smallest liver transplant patient ever.

Daniel  faced a long recovery. Thanks to you, he had his mom and dad with him the whole time. Your support made it possible for them to stay right nearby at Ronald McDonald House.

“I thought the House was amazing,” Melody says. Her husband stayed at the House while she stayed with Daniel at the hospital. “Just knowing you have a place to sleep is comforting.”

While Daniel fought for his life, you gave him the best medicine of all — his mom and dad’s love! Thank you for helping families stay together while they battle illness.